Hey dudes,

Sorry for the long delay but testing showed that we had a lot of problems regarding framerate due to the refracting textures we used so I’ve replaced them and fixed up many bugs and we’ve decided to release B1 to the public. This has been in the works for 8 months and I’m glad it’s finished so enjoy!

DE_cistern for CS:GO is set in a water treatment facility and features a lot of custom content made by me. At the moment this is beta so expect some bugs but based on our feedback we’ll decide what to do next. Thanks for your understanding!

This has been a collaboration between William T. Nicholls and Richard Acherki.


I also documented my development thoughts in a .pdf called “The Making of Cistern” which can be downloaded here:

It contains my methods for getting flow maps to work as well as some other things I experimented with. If you could please upload it to other places as I don’t want my server to be overloaded. Cheers.


Nice job on the lighting!

Looks awesome, is this for CS:GO only?

Yes it is sadly. It was originally blocked out in Source but we decided to make the jump to GO after seeing the lighting it could do. Unfortunately the lighting wasn’t as great as I expected but it is definitely leaps better than Source.

GO is Source too. But you made a good call to switch over.

Holy fuck the lighting is gorgeous in this map! Good job

Just noticed that some of the shadows on the walls are bad. You should increase their lightmap scale.

If you’re referring to the last picture that’s actually the result of CSGO’s forced shadow LOD. If you go close to it it sharpens real nice.

Awesome! CSS version please!

Could do, it depends on whether we make an SE version to really get those framerates high again. If that happens I can then maybe port it backwards. It’s all about time, I’m running out of it and quite frankly 8 months of this has taken its toll on me. I literally don’t want to play it anymore lol.

Ahh, alright, thanks for clearing that up.

Damn, I really wish they could get CS:GO maps working in Gmod already…

This map looks amazing, made with source? pfft more like cryengine 3