de_cliff_tunnel (Dangerous Cargo contest on Gamebanana)

Hello ive been working on this level the past month for the contest. So far I was able todo everything i wanted the level have. It was fun to make and i hope you enjoy it![/t]







Terrorist’s have got wind of Some Bombs going to be dismantled. Still containing there explosives they planned to stop the semi under a tunnel. The tunnel Has a pipeline that delivers gas to the town past the cliffs. Having the Terrorist detonate the bomb Near either the Facility above the bombs or near will result in billions of dollars lost.


This looks awesome. Love the lighting, and I reckon it would be good to play around with scars 2 now that it’s out :smiley:

bear my children

Fucking brilliant.

It’s beautiful.

I think the lights in the tunnel look too uniform and close together, try deleting every other light to make them seem more spaced.

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Wait, isn’t this that map from Killing Floor?

i thought the mountain side tunnel in KF was pretty cool so i wanted todo something like that.

so ya you could say that.

voting has started for the contest. (if anyone wanted to vote for mine or someone else’s :p)

Very nice map.

LATTEH, I should get you on steam so we can test it together :3

Yes! i won!

Congrats :L