This is not a remake or anything, this is simply the Counter-Strike 1.6 map “de_dust2” converted into Counter-Strike: Source. Took me quite a while to fix the data problems, since the map doesn’t support the Source engine. I had to retexture the whole map and I had to rescale and remake some brushes due to invalid ones.

The biggest problem, as I see it, is that the lighting is completely different from Counter-Strike 1.6 to this one. That’s because Source uses another kind of lighting, which is smoother and better overall; of course… although it doesn’t have the same “effect” as the default lighting from 1.6!

If this map has been released before in this exact shape, “transferred” from 1.6 to Source, I’m kinda sorry. But as it seems, there’s no map like this - that’s why I made it.

… maybe a few of you like the idea. Thank you!


[Credits for making it into Source engine goes to Trumavarium. Although he did not make the actual map for Counter-Strike 1.6!]

Uh, no it doesn’t.

Source uses the same Radiosity based lighting as HL1, it’s just easier to make it more precise since you can do per-face scales instead of having to scale the lighting for the entire map.

Well, I used the exact amount of light and same angles. Turned out to be VERY dark and not even close to where the light comes from in the regular de_dust2.

But alright, I thought that Source had another kind of lighting. My bad.

If you just decompiled the map and used existing brushwork and entities, you need to put on the brakes. Decompiling any HL1 map results in 1u thick brushes, and other terrible things. You need to rebuild the entire map from scratch with new brushwork, and only use the decompiled map as reference to where things go.

As for the weird lighting, some HL1 engine maps have multiple light_environments in them (like avanti in TFC) and if you’re using the existing entities, that may be causing the problem. Another issue is that I think the lighting angles are reversed for up and down (-90 is down for HL1 and up for Source.) There should never be more than one light_environment in the map for either engine, so delete the extras.

Hmmm… My question is: What’s the point of this map ?

Maybe nostalgia or eyecandy or even gameplay?
Great map! i like it!

Hey, don’t worry. As I said, I didn’t just “decompile” it right off - because that’s not even possible. I had to use three different kinds of side programs to make it work. Second off, all brushes are in the same sizes as in Source SDK. So everything is in right order… take a chill pill. :slight_smile:

  • And I did not use same entities; such as players, lights, triggers etc. I made my own ones, while comparing to de_dust2 from 1.6.

Screenshots, please.

Here are some screenshots.

Well it sure is…dusty :smug:

Nostalgic I guess. I just don’t see any other point to porting it though since the CSS version is pretty much better in all aspects.