De_Dynasty (WiP feedback & some questions)

Hi facepunch, I’m polishing up my CSGO map and was hoping for feedback. I’m not sure it’s an operation-worthy map, but I want to at least make it “operation-quality” regarding aesthetics. Any advice would be appreciated.

De_Dynasty Workshop for more pics:

Also, I’m trying to get a wet surface effect on a material since it’s raining but I’ve been told it looks rather waxxy. I’ve been messing around with the spec map but I’m about ready to just not use a spec map. Is there a way to achieve a proper wet surface?

Regarding your wet surface, you could make a refractive bump map and put it over the top. Set the brush to have this texture and tie it to func_reflective_glass (for expensive reflections) or a func_brush with no collisions for a more cheap effect (dunno how this would look though).

Actually looks pretty good. I also agree with a bit increase in reflectivity on the wet surface.

I’m going to be blunt and say your outdoor lighting really sucks. The color is a bit odd (it’s a cool light, which doesn’t work too well for this setting. Try using warmer colors. Ambient is way too bright, and I’m questioning your choice of textures[/t]

For example here, the choice of textures really sucks. Not enough variance in brightness, and the rock-to-grass blend lacks any detail in the textures (should be a bit darker and noiser grass) Also the tall walls really make the space feel enclosed. Add some extension into the background, but make sure you clearly define borders.

Ares feel really flat. This is part of your lack of noisy textures! Make sure to use a wide variety of textures in a gradient fashion to make areas pop out more than others. Interior lights are dim! Make them more focused and brighter (not too much, but enough to where you can see defined shadow shapes.) This also helps the flatness of things. More decals! Decals are life savers and can make bad areas look pretty nice. for example here


It’s really flat. A texture change to a noisier texture (like a cobblestone or brick tile would loook great) then some decals and junk (like bushes or a tree) would help the flatness too.

I’ll try playing to get more feedback.

The entire map is blue for some reason, I made a quick paint over, maybe something like this for your lighting would make it look a little better.

Thanks for honest feedback. yeah, A lot of the feedback is similar to your criticism. Tried to get an overcast rainy setting but at this point, I’m sorta shoehorning the idea. Trying out various lighting passes right now for warmer sunny day and lowered the ambient like you suggested (I forgot to adjust fog and hdr this build so forgive haziness):

Will post more pics after my reworking on textures and lighting.

You can still keep it, but if you go down that road, keep the light warm, but close to white.

Also dunno if you saw my feedback dump

ah thanks! Will take a look at!