Hey everybody, been away for a while but just wanted to show you a map that SarahB and I have been working on. Was for the gamebanana Red Planet competition so we didn’t have quite as much time as we’d have liked but overall we’re quite pleased with the result.

I came up with the architecture, lighting and layout of the map. Sarah focused on the custom props, cool ideas (the stars, radars, moving objects in the level and placed most of the decals) and made sure that the custom content worked in-game. Mr13A helped to playtest the map and offered suggestions to improve on it. We play-tested the game for weeks in its early stages to make sure that it was balanced and fun to play and it went through several major redesigns before settling on the finished design. The most important thing I’ve learned from this project? Orange and blue are great colours to work with.

Here’s a little trailer for the game, combined with a bit of machinima action:

And here’s a timelapse of the map’s construction.

Any feedback is welcome!

The support on the right end of the platform in the first screenshot. It just looks… wrong. You should just make it like the rest of the platform supports.

Nice one.
You’ve done a great job and that’s what it counts.
and thanks for the Download link.

Looks cool. I’m downloading it now.

Going by the title, I thought it would be a VtM inspired map. :v:

Nice skybox. Did you hollow it.

Also, did you make sure you no drawed all the faces touching the void, because that helps compile times and framerate.

Reasonable looking map, but there are some criticisms (games tester remember…we are never happy)

Some of your architecture is weird. The support beam in the first image looks very strange (one that has the triangle shaped hole. The destruction is also a bit too clean and perfect, i would expect some exposed rebar and rough concrete on the broken faces.

What caused the damage, if it was time, then its way too clean, even if it was a missile, you would expect some burn scarring.

This is for a competition for red planet (im assuming that means mars). Now, mars is a very dusty place, but there is no sand/dist anywhere…thats a c criticism really, a minor point.

This is incorrect. All lamina faces and faces touching the viod are removed in VBSP. so no-drawing faces touching the void is a complete waste of time.

And if you had seen my last hamemr vid tutorial you would know that i know this, but i know that 3kliks doesn’t…

Hi Iron Phoenix, I didn’t hollow it, I carved it out then resized it several times. I didn’t add any rebar at all in the entire map (Seriously, there isn’t any). There also definitely isn’t any sand on the outside of the map. Sorry, don’t think I’ve seen your latest tutorials, didn’t you give up after the first couple?

Fun fact: the entire level was carved out of a single block!

Well…i did about 7, and i made a new one last week (which i pmed you, probably got buried under a crapload of questions) that covered hollowing and use of nodraw. I made it as you had inspired me so.

Strange though really, i never use source anymore, yet i feel compelled to make a tutorial clearing up a few things you omit from yours.

Even the models?

Good lord phil why

Even the models. Instead of textures I made the faces 1 unit each and manually assigned them a colour from pre-existing textures!

Nope, looked through all my PMs back to the 1st and you didn’t send me one.

So you’re telling me you carved a corner?

Probably hollowed it first

EDIT: Just pulling your leg. And good luck with the new tutorials Ironphoenix!

What new ones? I made one to tackle the “should i hollow” and the age old “noclip saves lives!”

Come this tuesday, it will be back to frozen skies…now with military grade shields.