After working for 30.5 hours I finally finished my first map ever! My map is based off of my school’s football field (Temple City High School) and the measurements are pretty accurate. I took a satellite image and measured, then converted it into source units in order to make a precise/accurate map. This map is more of a “posing” map than an actual cs map. Anyways, It works great in gmod as well, I hope you enjoy my first map and if it sucks, then o well. it was my first time anyways :P.

Download Link:



Sorry doods I don’t know how to embed and I tried but it didnt work xP

Wow, that’s very good for a first map. Very detailed. Download

Thannxxx :PP

This map would not be so bad if it was not FULLBRIGHT But I am amazed the over how hard you worked on it.

So you made a map with very accurate brushwork but couldn’t add a single light entity into it?


Thats what I was thinking…

So why not make a version WITH lights? Or even a light_env

Lighting can change the map by 90%

I will download a map if it is just a box But it has awesome lighting

Haha Sorry :[ I’ll do better next time

Besides fullbright, the map has ok brushwork, but the textures are a bit bland. Is the building enterable?

Can I has the .map file? I want to make a night version of this (with the light posts there giving off a ton of light, like a real stadium)

You mean .vmf?
Just download the map and convert it to a .vmf and open it in hammer.

Damn it, I’m too used to Q3’s way of naming shit.

Also, how would I convert it to VMF anyway?

Use a decompiler

or if OP was kind enough, juts look in the RAW sdk files

Theres 3 buildings enter-able. The rest are fo sho


I want to see what you come up with xD

I TOLD u to put a light!! But it looks OK with fullbright.

To tell you the truth I didn’t know how to put on light xD

Add a light_environment with an angle of about -75, or use the values specified on the skylist on the vdc.

Textures are very bland, brushwork is very blocky. The map lacks detail and good use of props.

I agree with IronPhoenix.
Textures are bland, brushword is blocky but not that bad. You need more detail. Try adding some dirt decals around the join.

Lastly, please make it not fullbright. Apart from the fullbright thing it is good 7/10.

Nice work.
BTW Don’t care that it is your first.

Textures are shit, It’s fullbright, and a bit blocky.

Still better than most first maps.

Try making your own textures, at least a sign to replace the awful brushwork lettering.

Blocky and fullbright, but there is a bit of effort in.

only one question to make the 1-10 score. Did you use 3ksphillips tutorials?