i have started a group {SFMP}

-Needs more cover.


A bit more cover, not much.

i have started a group {SFMP}

Place an env_light, or light_environment or whatever it’s called in your map, it’ll get rid of the fullbrightness. About the blockyness, you need to add more detail to your map. (Like decals, more props, etc. etc.)

I tried to fix some of your grammar errors

If you don’t know how to fix fullbright you aren’t ready to release any maps


fullbright/blocky/nothing interesting/not nodrawed/undetailed
whats with this wave of this kind of map

You do know there’s are Agree rating now right?

Wow THAT took you one MONTH to make?

well it is blocky it has fullbright and it’s just not good continue mapping though you’ll get better eventually

Because people like you make posts like that which are unhelpful.

Not really. He said what was wrong.

It should not have taken you a month to make this map.

i have started a group {SFMP}

Then don’t release it.

i have started a group {SFMP}

If you know that the map is underdeveloped, releasing it is just asking for trouble.

-Random Props Everywhere
-Tiling Textures
-Bad Skybox

What you should have done is looked at some other well recieved maps released on here, and looked at the ones which are released by very beginner mappers, and then compared both to yours, and see if yours is worth releasing, so that yours can avoid being another one of the fullbright blocky maps which gets a lot of negative replies.

i have started a group {SFMP}

Just because people don’t like your map, it doesn’t mean that you should label them all as rude bastards and abuse them.