Version two has been released:

***Name: de_iraq

Version: Final

Description: Semi-large bomb/defuse map in Counter Strike: Source

Requirements: A semi-good computer. Low-end computers will encounter lag when playing with bots!***





Primary Level Designer - Doom
Optimizer - Fulcrum
Did some Level Design and came up with the idea for the industrial area - Stiffy360
Did some Level Design - Turtleey



Links to other websites with the map

GameBanana - -

I got texture errors for the props in the map, did you not include the textures?

God fucking damn it. Thought I fixed that. Which ones are it specifically? Pakrat is messing with me :confused:

Okay, Pakrat didn’t import the texture files for the models, but I’m pretty sure I got everything installed manually now. Currently uploading

I think that all of the custom content you used, got untextured in the map.
You didn’t include them.

You should just upload the textures too.

Why do all the cars have those ugly stacking source shadows?

Download the current version. Should’ve fixed the pakrat issue.

You tell me. You’ve worked on the car placement on the boulevard.

None of them are fixed for me.
You could just include the texture files in the file, no need to pack them into the map.

The map is good, I hope the texture problems will be solved soon. :v:

Thanks a lot for the screenshots, they will help out a lot. I’ll add the files now :slight_smile: Give me a few minutes and I’ll have a version up with the errors fixed.

-Added new download. If this doesn’t fix anything imma tear my hair out. ^^

-I can only assume the error has been fixed. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Well done everyone!

Aw, the new map only got the Police Car models fixed.
It was great though, especially the alley in the map. :smile:

Everything about the map looks great, except for those cars. They just don’t fit.

I’m sorry to hear that. We tried to make it look as if the town was kind of in ruins, so the cars were ideal. I’m glad you like the rest of the map though :slight_smile:

yea it’s really great, they just seem out of place, like the ones with the crushed roofs, and nothing crushing them, and also those are older style cars, mixed with more modern ok looking cars.

Since when are there shitload of broken cars on the streets and no dust at all ?

I can’t the load the map. Someone on gamebanana said it wouldn’t load for them either.

what you mean by load? you can’t download you mean?

I have a gts250, 2gb ram, and 2.3ghz dual core cpu so I’m not using some awful computer that barely runs source games. It just stops at loading resources. I wish I could give you more information that would help.

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The map doesn’t finish loading when I try to play it.

oh, you’re right it won’t load for me either, it stops at loading resources like you said so not sure what’s wrong with the map. It’s nice looking map though i hope they’ll fix it soon.

I have the same problem. There are a few more maps with the same problem and all those maps are bigger than 100 mb. Are there any limitations for map filesize in gmod and how to change it if there are ?

Doesn’t look anything like Iraq to me.