de_KeySIV - Spaceship themed map

Hey there !

You may or may not have heard of this map. Basically I created it for a contest which granted 40 days for the work. I started one week late so I just had 3 weeks to work on this. Keep this in mind for the quality of certain part of the map.
A lot of what I was planning was scrapped for this reason. Two friends of mine helped me on the last 4 days to make it more or less complete before the deadline.
Theses fines gentlemens : Moidnre and EXpMiNi (the cool guy who made the video). Moindre created the infirmary bed, the microscope, the console prop, the food dispenser (which is not really textured) and the operation table.
EXpMiNi created the door model (the door itself, not the frame), the beds, a template for the foliage, the sand texture,some hologram textures, the interphone and the female model used as an hologram.
I did pretty much everything else. Anyway, less talk, more content, more release.

Download link :

Gamebanana :
Mirror :

Note : This is the low definition version of the custom content. The uncompressed HD textures are sitting on my hard disk, but I can’t upload them myself. I’ll try to get someone to do it. It’s around 1,5Go in HD and 250mo in LD. The LD version compressed is 81mo.

Also I’m using this topic as to announce this :

I hope you’ll enjoy this news.

The current version of the map has slight issue with missing collision on some models. However I guess it doesn’t matter for machinama or ragdoll posing. (If people ever want to use this map).
I’ll try to get a friend to upload it on garrysmod for me this week.

Also if you ever use this map for something like a video or a comic I would really enjoy to see it :3
That’s all. I hope you’ll like this map, share it as your will.

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Just played around on the map and I only have 2 things to say, first is that the door at the back of the cafeteria has no collisions and you can walk through it into a void-y part of the map.

Secondly, the quality is simply phenomenal! I tip my hat to you sir! To do all of that in 3 weeks is simply astonishing, I would struggle to make a map of that quality in a year, nevermind 3 weeks. Fantastic work :slight_smile:

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This is awesome.

A very nice map and yes posing for sure thank you for the hard work, time and effort.

Found a little bug. One of the doors isn’t solid or player clipped and allows you to walk outside the map.

There’s also another door you can walk halfway into.

I would also recommend pakratting the content into the map for easy server downloads. Was going to use this as a TTT map. Looks really good.

Yeah I’m aware of that issue. Since I can’t upload the whole thing all over again I’ll try to get a friend to do it for me.

Also I tried to pakrat everything but it didn’t include the custom made texture for models. I need to check if pakrat allow to add a whole folder (since all my materials are located in the same).

Thanks for the feedback !

Absolutely beautiful! I was browsing the mapping forums for the first time and I saw your teaser trailer for this map. My jaw literally dropped as I watch the camera zoom passed these environments. The textures look amazing as well as the models used for the doorways and windows. The plants, they don’t look so good. But that’s just nit picking. Once I have the time, I’ll get a better post up.

Pakrating a whole folder works. It should ask you if you would like to fix the file paths. Pressing “Yes to all” should do it.

Really can’t wait for you to release your textures since they look really amazing. Would really enjoy making a map with them.

What, TopHatWaffle’s aren’t good enough for you? :v:

That is awesome!

The map is amazing so far. Besides the no clip doors, the constant shaking of the map annoys me when I try to pose ragdolls. It’s nothing life threatening of course. The side of the base, when you look through the window to see part of the ship blown out and exposed to vacuum is very lo-res and flat. Could use some texturing at the very least. Overall, I recommend this map for comic making and such.

Amazing. The only thing that annoyed me was the constant shaking. And I noticed one camera was spinning fast. A glitch?

The camera has been made on purpose. Also you can delete the shaking by using ent_fire shake_1 kill and ent_fire shake_2 kill iirc. But I could make a gmod version. For the destroyed part I planned a fair number of things but ended up to not do it because of the lack of time.

Working on an improved version which should fix most of bugs. I won’t improve it’s graphical side. (Apart from minor change). I’m stopping the source mapping. This one was my third and last map for it.

Well at least you burnt out rather than faded away. Good map, what a shame.

The map has now been updated on Gamebanana. The mirror is down at the moment.
I basically fixed most of collisions, added some sounds and fixed the non-solid doors.

This is amazing.