de_school ISNT WORKING

ive tried, tried, tried, and tried it just does not work. i need help. PLAESE HELP!!!

i extract the files in the map folder. but it dosent show up in css maps tab. my friends said to extract to maps.

There are many things that can go wrong, describe your problem in more detail. please.

What the hell do you mean?

It doesn’t load? It has purple and black textures everywhere? It crashes your game?

Either he is trolling us (unlikely) or he just really isn’t telling us what is going on.

i extract the files in the map folder. but it dosent show up in css maps tab. my friends said to extract to maps.

Maybe it’s an addon.

Have you tried looking in the “other” section as oppose to the counter-strike section on the GMod map menu?

Here is an easy console command you could use to stop the browsing.

map de_school

What? How is that useful?

Its useful so the person doesn’t have to go browsing through his tabs to find a map in the list (Knowing most gmod users have a lot of maps) so gmod just loads up the map you typed in the console.

For example

map g2asldjglsdgj

If you are crazy enough to make a test map named that, you don’t have to browse around if you have a bunch of maps like I do.

That’s very useful, it loads the map instantly.

I’ve named my map deafgasdfbl

I know what it does, but how is it relevant here?

Have a bad reading.

They guy couldn’t find the map

So instead of having to look in the tabs he can just enter it in his console and load the map from there instead of browsing his tabs and having to post a help thread in here because he isn’t looking in all his tabs.

The file in the maps folder needs to be in .bsp format, and it can’t be in any subfolders.

I once had a friend that thought pasting the .zip file in there would work. ._.



exactly how do i extract a bsp. file???

Are you telling us you put the .zip into your maps folder?


Right click the zip file and then “extract here”.

Then paste the .bsp file into your maps folder. :downs:

now its in bsp format but the file is screwed

Please PLEASE don’t tell me you renamed to de_school.bsp and expected it to work…

Open up the .ZIP file. You’ll see a window somewhat like the below image.[/media]

In a new window, go to your “\steam\steamapps[your steam log-in name]\garrysmod\garrysmod\maps”. (somewhat like the below image)


In your .ZIP file window, click on the .BSP file, drag it over to your “maps” folder, and drop it in there. Restart Garry’s Mod, and all done.