I’ve recently stumbled upon some sound files in the Counter Strike folder. (Not the Source version, the GoldSource one).

It is a cut map. There may be map and texture files, but I haven’t looked yet.

Here are a few interesting files:



torn_ambience.wav (wind whistling)


After adding it all up, I beleive it was supposed to take place in a destroyed Asian city, similar to that Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 level, however it’s name escapes me for the moment.

So, thoughts?

After adding it all up, I beleive it’s for weather in maps.

Possibly, but I haven’t checked map files yet.


just checked the map files:

Torn - Bomb/Defuse
by Crinity & Madcross

Terrorists: Detonate a toxic nerve agent
into the town’s water supply that will
spread to nearby cities.

Counter-Terrorists: Contain the situation.
Prevent hostiles from completing their

Other Notes: There are 2 detonation
targets in the town.

wtf is dis

It could be something you downloaded?

No. I never play the Goldsource version. Never have.