NOTE: Screenshots are outdated, new features have been added since these were taken.
A smallish-mediumish sized…whatever building this is.


Alright, so here is my latest map. As you can see from these screenshots, there’s alot of progress to be made, but I feel its atleast decently playable now. Have fun!

Workshop link (updated more frequently)

Have you got an overview pic of the map?

No, sorry. Next version will likely have one; for now, this is what you get. Sorry.

Day 1: I have tried every browser at my disposal and it blows my mind because the pics just refuse to load.

Day 2: I have concluded that I must have received some sort of virus through my email. I have canceled all email accounts and reinstalled Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Pics still not loading.

Day 3: I’m running out of options here. There must be some glitch in the Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Operating System. Thanks Bill Gates. Switching to MAC OS X maybe this will prove effective.

Day 4: MAC OS X installation complete. I’m drawing a blank here. Pics still won’t load. After ruling out software errors, I am convinced that there must be some lingering mechanical failure in my system. I have placed an order to newegg for rush delivery of a new Western Digital Caviar Black HDD. Will give this another shot tomorrow.

Day 5: Harddrive has arrived and has been installed. To no avail, the pictures will not load. I have not shaved or showered in a week. My clothes stink. I have lost my job…all because these confounded pictures will not load. I’m done with the whole electronics thing. I will be moving into an Amish community and this will be my last update on this issue. Good luck and good riddance.

I have no idea why the pics are not loading; I did everything correctly, and it shows up for everyone else. Perhaps you should actually do those things?

Pics are loading for me on mobile.

pics load for me on desktop dunno what he’s sayin

I have no flipping idea. Anyway, any tips/suggestions/COMPLIMENTS (some of those would be nice)
? It would help alot.

If you really want to see how it plays out, I’d suggest requesting a playtest with some guys over at Mapcore, they hold tests 3 times a week.

Good idea. Thanks, ashton!