de_vegas help!

Hey guys!

I really want this map to be on my Garry’s Mod. I placed the file into my maps folder but when I go on the single player map list, it won’t appear. I really want to play this map and would like some help please!

You would have to convert it to modern source engine. That map is for cs 1.6.

How do I convert it?

If you don’t feel like converting there is a Source remake of it at . However, keep in mind that I have no idea if it stays true to the original or not. I hope this helps you out.

I added the remake files to my maps folder but yet it won’t appear. How do I convert the map?

Can somebody please help me?

you shouldnt have to convert it, it should work right after you put it in your maps folder. are you checking the counter strike section?

Personally, I think it would be best to find an alternative. There’s a shit ton of other maps on Gamebanana, and I’ve seen plenty of vegas-themed ones for CSS on there, too.

You can turn it into VMF using VMEX.
Extract the textures from CS 1.6/Repleace them with Source ones
Put them into CS:S
Compile the map

It would be troublesome thought.

Why on earth would he want to convert it when the remake Gatekeeper posted looks 100 times better.

OP the css remake should work fine in gmod. You are probably installing it wrong.