De_Vessel Beta

-This is a BETA Release of my WIP Ship map De_Vessel
-Navigation Mesh is a little off so I prefer you play with real humans
-Counter Strike Source
The fog is disabled for better views



Thanks:D If you happen to find some bugs and/or glitches please reply on this thread. Remember, this is only a beta. Constructive Criticisms are very much welcome.

Francis115(Me) - Original Author
Aurora - Heli Prefab

To Do List:
-Change smoke color
-Larger water texture tile

I like it, theres just some parts on the map that are kind of out of place, such as the smoke in the back. It just seems too dark.

Oh, and make the water texture tile at a larger… ugh whatever. You understand what Im saying.

Yes, like an ocean. Thanks for the criticisms:D

No problem. :smiley:

Yey, this is just like what i requested :dance: Good job.
EDIT: Realized how much things are wrong on it :sigh:

You kind of ruined it by placing a “Map by:” thing on the ship, otherwise nice work.

:iia: So far. :v:

Is it just me or does it looks like a heavily modified version of zm_roy_the_ship

I take it that this map has nothing to do with Resident Evil: Afterlife? :raise:

Looks nothing like the ship from afterlife, god damn I hate that movie.

Well, sorry.

But that was the first think i thought of… :ohdear:

Like I said in the Map Pimpage it doesn’t look very realistic.

Some points:
-It should swim a lot more deeper (atleast 5 metres)
-It’s too wide compared to the length
-The random crates on top of the containers (and the bridge!) are pointless and unrealistic
-Containers wouldn’t fall out like that; they’re attached to each other very rigidly
-The “NO FUCKING SMOKING” sign is pointless since it’s not a tanker
-The random ladder at the stern of the ship is unrealistic
-The rudder is unrealistic; it should be mounted to the ship with two joints
-There is too much open space on the deck
-The blue pipes on the deck are unrealistic since it’s a container ship

The map itself is lacking detail and the lighting is very bare.


Also,** rating yourself is very stupid.**

Hurr Durr rate myself mapping king and be a god…


reminds me of zm_roy_the_ship
its nice


reminds me of zm_roy_the_ship
its nice

Thanks. I’ll try to improve the map based on your criticisms.

-The mid deck has a concrete texture.
-Mid deck should have windows and cabins.
-Why there is cargo at the mid deck?
-The side hatch doesn’t fit.
-It opens too fast.
-Crew quaters and bridge should have wooden panelwalls.
-Why there is offices and stuff in area what should be a cargohold?

Yeah, it looks a lot like zm_roy_the_ship except with much more things. Everythings even in place.

Very sexy…

I can’t load this map, it gets stuck on “loading resources” and never moves from there.