DEA agents ready to engage

"This is Bravo 9… We found the drug cartel… we are ready to engage.

I hope I am getting better at posing. Leave comments or tips on how I can get better… THANKS!

Tuck those asses in. They look like the gay division of Bravo 9 hunting the gay drug cartel for reasons best left to obscurity:smile:

You have some practice left before you get that stiffness out. And pose the feet more like "/ " and not like “||”. Keep working on it.

you…really need to work on your posing…

yeah, work on your posing
try using DoF too and combine it with camera angle, tilt it if you have too
would be nice if you used photoshop too

Those druggies must be deaf, how can you not hear them talking.

also, the background is really empty
and yeah,work a lot on your posing…it looks really awful

where’d you get those models? they are pretty cool :slight_smile:

omg lol’d hard

but yea tuck them ass in

uh the DEA agents are called ultimate team and the terrorists are from wynstans hexed T pack


alright thanks

I laughed pretty hard.