"Dead Before Dawn" Mall: Cleaned Up

The Mall from L4D’s custom campaign “Dead Before Dawn” cleaned up!



To Install
this is in addon format so simply extract the content, then copy the folder into your garrysmod/garrysmod/addons

along with the stores that were already in this map, ive added 8 additional stores/rooms.
the ground is noded so you can spawn walking npcs. (NOTE: walking npcs in the pictures are not incuded).
As far as i should think, you only need to download this. no addons, no gm_mount, no requirements to own a game as far as i know. if you are having problems contact me.

here are all the stores/rooms as listed.
Peelz Repository store
Reflex Sports
Reko Bank
Mallfront Diner
For Lease Store
Administration/Security room
Office room
Theatrical Supplies store
Mall Center Cafe
Video Store
Richardson Atlantic
Furniture Store
2 Diners
Alias Telecom
Leisure Emporium
Technology Store
Pawn & Loans store
The XBall specialists Paintball store
Real Zoey bar

UPDATE: ive been told there are a couple missing textures with the diners kitchen props. as to why this is so im unsure because i have included those textures. if i cannot find a fix then i will simply redo those parts and reupload, which wouldnt take long. in mean time i recommend of course the use of left 4 dead and gm_mount2
-Unconfirmed for now but there may be some textures reflecting off the purple textures, if so then simply put in the console
mat_specular 0
-far walls sometimes fade out, that is due to the largeness of this map. i have not found a fix for this yet but hopefully will plan to.
-not exactly a bug but more of a notice, this map is only one floor, yet looks like 2, where you see the area that has the second floor you notice that its not lit up, im sorry for not lighting it up but i was unfortunately too lazy.

Dead before Dawn creators
Source SDK

personal Note: i only made this map as a cleaned up version so to see if i can use them in my movies in the future. i did not completely make this map, just edited some areas and added some rooms. i do no not make any money for doing this, this is just for fun. so please enjoy.

This is so tasty.

Fooking AWESOME!!!

Finally! Thanks for including the textures and stuff so I don’t have to use gmount. :slight_smile:

Perfect for roleplaying and Machinimas, thanks!

Haha! Was just playing this and then saw this. Downloading!

Damn! This is awesome! Combined with Melombine’s running zombies, you can make an awesome gmod left 4 dead scene.

Yes! Finally someone did this. I hope that you’ll be doing more ‘clean-ups’ of Left 4 Dead maps.

Seems to keep giving me a snapshot overflow when I try to start the map in multiplayer. Shame that.

Dawn of the Dead roleplay here I come

Why don’t we have more of these awesome L4D maps? I know they’re hard to work with but it is obviously possible.

This is Dead Rising 2 :DD

Awesome map dloading and testing right now

Got a Romero moment here. Nice port:smile:

Whoops. Didn’t notice the date. My bad.

Sorry to bump again, but do I need l4d to load this map? For some reason I cant load the map and it gives me this error:

CModelLoader::Map_IsValid: No such map ‘maps/l4d_dbd_clean_up_d.bsp’
map load failed: l4d_dbd_clean_up_d not found or invalid

rename it to dbd_clean_up_gmod


I’m dumb, nevermind.

Test what i say before tag me “dumb”!

Like i said HERE !

Rename her with what you want but dont put l4d in the name! Do it and you see!

Very nice map, Well detailed.

Thanks it worked!