Dead Bodies and dropped items get removed way to fast, make it last 15 mins please

As the title says you cannot even loot a body before it gets removed half the time, especially in a semi drawn out gun fight, please make all dead bodies and dropped items last 15 mins.

You could even go as far as coding it so if a body has more than 2 items it lasts 15 mins ( this will remove rock/torch kills fast but leave actual lootable bodies around for 15 mins )

there was a suggestion ages back that if there was any item other than rock/torch in the inventory, the body would stay for longer like you have just suggested. but i’ll be honest, i think 15 mins is excessive, maybe 5-10 at the most.

I would agree with mrknifey, 15 mins is excessive, but it should be long enough to respawn at a local sleeping bag and make it back to your body it you accidentally die from drowning, falling, bear attack, etc. I think 5 mins is probably okay…

I think it has already been increased from like 10 seconds it was a month or so back, no?

I also like the idea of reducing this for rock/torch only inventories.

I’d like the arrows to stick around longer

I think that it should be impossible to loot our own body… death should have a price… and if you think about it, it’s totally absurd to respawn and run to loot your own body.

Absurd from a realism point of view, but quite important for game-play mechanics. I see where you are coming from, but I personally would rather they left this in…

the issue is less the body, and more so the gear that was on it. no reason that a bolty should vanish after 10 seconds. the body can, because i agree, no player should be able to harvest human meat by respawn abuse, but loot should remain a while;)

Yeah, I’m happy for the body to “pop” after X seconds and just all the loot bags remain for 5 mins…

Loot bags for 5 minutes would put a lot of strain on servers. Respawning to harvest is a separate issue entirely because it has nothing to do with how long bodies stay – I can respawn in my base and harvest my body easily within the current time frame.

If bodies need to go away, they could introduce another container similar to the legacy backpack.

I totally agree btw that bodies don’t last long enough.

And where am I coming from?

No need to loot you’re own body with the actual game play mechanic, it’s something we do because we can. I also use this mechanic a lot. I put 2 sleeping bag near Rad Town and do the crate with my first newman and then get back and die from Rad somewhere beetween Rad town and my sleeping bag, the spawn on me second bag and went to loot my own body… it’s usefull, but I think it’s stupid to be abble to do it like that.

But I agree that the item should not vanish as fast when someone die. It should stay on the ground longer.

Wish granted.

That’s awesome! And getting 30 mins instead of 15 is like having two wishes granted.

well i’ll be damned. ok, lets try it.

Low disappearing times give big groups an advantage, because only groups can loot fallen buddies. Now even lone rangers are able to do it in case they were not killed by someone else, which is nice.

Canada. :dance:

Thx for the extension Gary. This will help prolong some battles not having to worry about looting during the fight. It will also help against those damn wolves who kill me on my way home from a large gathering trek. Those pesky bastards :slight_smile:

Now if you could only prolong your name :slight_smile:

With bodies hanging around for 30 mins, the spawn beaches are going to look like a scene from the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre!

But humans are an easy source of animal fat and much needed rocks !

Corpses last 30 minutes

Too often have corpses disappeared before people get a chance to loot them. To remedy this, as a final act of last night, Garry increased corpse longevity from 2 to 30 minutes. This is a huge positive shift in gameplay, an extra 28 minutes of loot time is a big plus.

thanks for listening garry.