Dead body on surgery bed.

Woot. :v:

creepy. Too bad there’s so little to rate in terms of posing. Well built and edited, though.


BTW, why is everyone automatically getting rated dumb?

Some asshole has script, that rates every post automatically dumb. -.-
And thanks!

yep – somepeople don’t have a life, it’s funny

Wow that is really creepy, awesome job

God, I would so NOT want that person as my Doctor!

Serial dumb rate-er is dumb.

has the feel pre-mistake (an old half life 1 horror mod)

People thinking it´s somebody who rates everybody is dumber.
It´s some glitch, in the system.

people thinking they know everybody else is dumb are even dumber. It’s a script that someone’s infected the system with, not an autonomic glitch.

sorry for off-topic.

This is so good! Reminds me of SAW

No one seems to notice Alma on background? :3:

Alma’s the nurse right? We’re hardly blind, lol.

I did sort-of mention her, saying there’s little to comment in terms of posing. What I meant by that is that it’s so grained and stylized that you can’t see the posing of the nurse character, and the body on the table is too incomplete to be properly posed.

The grain and darkness is very justified, though, but still it doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s hard to rate the posing.


It’s a bit dark. Otherwise good.

I love F.E.A.R. 2