Dead characters in TTT won't ragdoll

Every time someone dies on TTT the character doesn’t ragdoll, instead it just turns into a frozen character standing with its arms spread. Is there a way I can fix this? Thanks to all who read this/help

Is this just one client, or the whole server?

Considering how its just me (client) and it happens on every ttt server I’ve tried playing on its clearly something on my end. I’m just not sure what the problem is.

Sounds like CSS isn’t mounted right or you have some kind of addon messing with Garry’s Mod.

Easiest thing to do would be to get rid of all your addons and make sure that you’ve played CSS at least once and re-mount it.

Also, if you haven’t completely uninstalled Garry’s Mod after the big update then you should, make sure you uninstall from Steam then delete the garrysmod folder, only if they above doesn’t work for you.

So could the problem be that I don’t own CSS? I just used an addon to get the textures, I’m play TTT strictly through launching it through Gmod

Yes, get CSS, it is hignly recommended to play Gmod

Yes, Counter Strike: Source is a necessity for Trouble in Terrorist Town.

Thanks, uninstalling and reinstalling fixed it. It wasn’t an issue with me not owning CSS, must have just needed to start fresh. [solved]

I’m pretty sure the animations in CSS are the same as the ones in HL2DM, if so then TTT uses the animations from HL2DM OR they use the default animations in Garry’s Mod.