Dead characters in TTT won't ragdoll

Hi, i reinstaled my TTT- Server yesterday.
After that the most Skins have no longer a Ragdoll after they die.
I used the same Pointshop Lua Files and the Same Steamworkshop Addons.
I dont know where i messed up. Anyone a Idea how to fix it?

Did you download the gamemode from GitHub?

Its not a Local Server. I use the Server Hoster Nitrado. If you choose Garrys Mod there you also can say wich gammode you want to play and i choosed Terrortown;

Well that’s odd. Are there any erros in the log?

Thats the only thing that appears that i guess is new

Are the playermodels that don’t have ragdolls custom models from the workshop?
If so, did you make sure that the models are on the server, as in downloading them to your server?
Also, are you using ‘+host_workshop_collection’ to download the workshop addons to your server?

Yes they are from the Workshop. And Also they are Downloaded to the Server with “+host_workshop_collection”
But last time i used exactly the same things. After reinstal they dont work.