Dead city

Dead city … or not …

it’s very boring. they’re posed awkwardly and there’s no sense of urgency. the rain is huge, it looks more like light catching scratches on the camera lens than anything else. backdrop looks okay, but it doesn’t excuse the foreground.

oh, and the whole ‘REC’ thing is cliche as hell. that doesn’t mean you can’t do it, but it does mean you should give serious thought to finding another way to convey the camera feel.

Thanks, I’ll take note of this =)

I thought the posing was nice, and why does there have to be a sense of urgency?

I modified the picture, making the effect of the camera more
Again, expect critics :3

Use a reference image for the REC symbol rather than a really ugly circle and some ill-fitting stock font.

Something like that.

Oh Okay

haha i just watched Rec 2… this reminds of it ;D

how likely are you to just casually stroll down the street in some fucked up metropolis in the middle of a rainstorm?

aside from which they don’t even look like they’re walking