Dead Dead Now can't get into server

I was playing on the rust server, very low population and great ping for me. I died while by a radiation area and I know exactly where also because it was beside 3 cheats in that area and not far from the house I was building, well I went strat back and nothing, I thought maybe it might be a lag thing so I looked around ended up getting attacked by wolves and made it back to my house before dying again. I stepped out of my bedroom to find nothing there, once again I thought maybe the server is having problems and having a lag issue so I looked and looked and looked but nothing. You might think that someone else took my stuff but only a hand full of people are on that server and I asked (even though no one was close to my area. Thinking if I turn off the game and quit steam it might reset itself, but know I can’t even get into the server it just sits at the connecting screen and nothing. Please help I was building a second level on my house I also found some really nice blueprints along with the research kit. I really don’t want to start over, and I know my body is now probably gone.

Lol, loot despawns, so it’s gone forever :D. That server would have reset anyways.