Dead Effect

Topic from combination of two games…
It was 4 hours work, but I know editting on plasma cutter aura is not good.
If I got anything wrong. I’m sorry for that and I will improve later. =)

C&C please

Edit: No more scratches

Okay, for a second I thought my screen was scratched up. I think the beams coming out of the plasma cutter look better than the beam from Shepard’s pistol.

Shepard’s plasma beam is kinda fucked up

  • too dark
    otherwise it’s pretty nice

Foreground is awesome. Especially the helmet with it’s reflections.
But yeah, laser looks odd

Thank you guys for advices.

Why did you add the horrible scratches? They ruin the picture.

I just reupload new one without scratches. Sorry for that =)

I think you put the contrast too high.