Dead end

Oh no! It’s a dead end!

If only he could spend more time with scout’s mom.

Spy does’t fit in picture, posing is pretty good. Oh and why I see grayish (or how you spell it) feet in top of the picture?

What model is that dress blood thingy?

Pyramid head

Spy doesn’t really fit this…

I actually like the lighting, posing and camera-angle… but why the heck did you choose to put a spy in the picture?

I can still see the dead PH there.

Who’s feet is that at the top of the screen?

Dead Pyramid Head…

Any reason why?

It’s just a another spy death pic.
Anyone wants to know what map is this, it’s cs_Silent Hill and the one who see the foot, it’s part of this map, except that i replace it with the CP.

Thunk Thunk clunk scrape.
Pyramid head has come to rape.

Spy is a mingebag! ;d

Oh christ, get ready for a story

We people over at like to do a mapping compilation where all the major mappers in such as NIPPER, Alphakennyone, Dr.Boo, Homicidal Ape, etc. make maps depending on the holiday.

In this case, this map is based on Silent Hill, a scary game for a scary holiday which was Halloween.

Why Pyramid Head is dead there, go ask Alphakennyone, he made the map.

He gunna get raped.