Dead gamemodes that you belive should be revived

Lets just discus gamemodes we wish would be revived, like me, I wish that Sunrise and gmod racer would be brought back, sunrise was just amazing, if released early, and gmod racer was just good fun.

JB Mod :downs:

Sunrise’s creator The Maw is bringing back the basics of Sunrise as Devinity 2, check out the thread.

On another note, I’d wish GMStranded and Chimera Hunt was still widely around.

Zombie Survival 1.05 - That version was sooooooo fun.

Back when it had potential, not 10 year olds, running around shooting anything that moves.

-snip- answered own question

Pirate Ship Wars.


Parasite, but done good damn it, like in the Warcraft times, with evolution and stuff
And Infected Wars, damn you clavus, damn you!
And the stargate stranded, shit was awesome, only stranded that had stuff to do.

Omnivora, Winter Survival, Pirate Ship Wars, Spacebuild3, Prop Hunt, Sandbox.

When it didn’t get infested with every twelve year old with a credit card, and you didn’t require donater too kill enemies.

GM Stranded

I thought ReDead was pretty good.

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This too

Parasite for sure.

sass was great when you could actually join the server instead of the dumb lobby system

Infected wars.

This would make my dreams come true.

Where do you get game modes anyway?

marks this dumb

Dark RP


You want the original DarkRP? Download LightRP, add in ten weapons that spawn in a row with /buyshipment and add in a drug lab, money printer, and a gangster team.

That’s basically the original DarkRP.