Dead Guards in Empty SpaceShip

You guys like it?

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Why is it dumb? :frown:

Camera angle is a little bit boring, also where is that red light coming from?

The red light was alraedy in the map, i thought it would be a nice effect, i also had to add another lamp just to make it look better.

I had a couple of camera angles, sadly this was the best looking one.

make it a .JPG, .PNG takes too long to open

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and the AA, turn that up. Don’t use ingame blood. all you’ve done is just throw them up in the air and they’ve landed like that or something, you’ve done nothing to edit them.

Sorry, but that’s the truth.

What’s map?

Actually it isn’t too bad… just a lot of empty space though. The guy in the corner looks too awkward. Yeah, he’s dead, but even dead people could use some posing, y’know?

If it had a bit more substance to it then it would be fine. Just try to add some more to it without cluttering it up.

The problems I see with this is you used the Engineers Isaac Clarke helmet, great attempt but it just doesn’t fit, wait for the DS ragdolls to come out. The lighting could use some work, blood too. I know this pic is not really a Dead Space pic but this pic is inspired by it. Keep at it.

Nothing special, but I like it despite of graphics etc
At least, it doesn’t have mind blowing camera angles,mad lighting and other shit

Not bad.

I would have edited the picture if i knew how to and actually had any skills with editing.

don’t bother to learn about editing until you can get the basics of posing down first

Don’t use .png, it takes fucking forever to load. A full-quality .jpg is visually identical and loads in a fraction of a second.

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Now it’s actually loaded, use the nocollide world tool to stop the ragdolls and weapons from levitating.