Dead Hotel aka "Elevator Source without Elevator"

Hey guys, I started to work on my map called Dead Hotel, where you need to climb up all the floors to get to your room because elevator is out of order. While you’re on your way, you can check your neighbours and see what are they up to. Some hold a very special secret.

It’s a very simple map, but people told me it’s a nice fresh idea, so I’m going to continue building it and showing my progress in this thread.

Here are a few pictures of what it looks like:[/thumb]

Here’s a video of the first floor how it looks like:

And this is my latest creation, I really want to know what you guys think:

I started to use some custom content, so that is more interesting. There are a total of 224 rooms, so each one will be special and different than the other. If you have any ideas what a certain room could contain, please PM me or post in this thread. I would like to hear them.

I like the concept, but it feels like some areas could use a little more to make them stand out. For example, adding something to the train to make it feel like it’s speeding towards the player, adding a trigger_push to push the player back from the door before the train strikes.

Good idea, will experiment with that.

Only question I’ve got is how to import custom models?

Can I just download anything from Gmod Workshop and somehow import it?

So far first 2 floors are completed. Maybe I’ll add some tweaks to them later, but overall they are finished. You guys will like exploring these room, even I enjoy entering them.

This looks like a really cool idea, I look forward to playing it.

Glad to hear it.

Even though I’m really looking forward to releasing this and hearing your comments, I’ll back away and finish it properly. My bad habit is releasing stuff before it’s even finished, because I’m so antipicated to see the comments.

this seems ambitious as fuck, but I believe in you

I’ve created a little teaser trailers for you guys. I’m not very good at making trailers, but at least I’ve showed some rooms you haven’t seen before. First 3 floors almost completed.

Turn down the brightness of those lights.

Oh, and Dead Hotel sounds like some Left 4 Dead campaign name, I would consider changing it

I agree.

It was supposed to be a horror map first, but I changed it to exploration map. Maybe I’ll change it to just “The Hotel” or something.

I like the idea, but maybe that’s just my obsession with details. I think you should work out more on the actual hall. maybe the railing and the shape of the floors.

( i understand that it is a lot of works for all the floors you made )

Here an example

No need to be as detailed as this but i guess you can see what I mean.

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I’ve been ( sort of ) studying architectural design to helping me out mapping, I think your hallway is way too high, I understand it may be use only for a deep impression and to show the actual height of the building but as said, that may be just my obsession for details.

I really like the idea for your map though. that’s original and Unique. If you are looking for some tips for a realistic point of view, I would be more than happy to help you out

Yes, I was thinking to detail the hall at the end. Lower floors will have different stores and merchandise, don’t worry. It’s very WIP right now.

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Sure, I’ll take any kind of comments, you can help me with mapping too if you want.

I will wait until you release something, I will try it out and take notes. then I will give you my opinion.

I really want to play this when it’s done.

it’s be interesting to have some puzzles and challenges present themselves in order for the player to progress through the floors.

Maybe find key to unlock the next floor? That will make you explore every room so you can’t just skip them all.

This is what I think:

What you have right now is a “proof-of-concept” map. It shows that your map works from a technical point of view but it doesn’t show itself as aesthetically pleasing or present an intriguing storyline/motive. This is absolutely okay. You’ve seen the idea works and you got people backing you up. So what now?

I’ll be blunt and say you will have to start your map from scratch. This is the time to lay ideas down and plan the whole thing out: what’s the main objective? What are the key parts of the map going to be (what are the plot-important rooms to visit)? Why is the player there to begin with? These are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself.

Lay out how the hall will look like. The hall is the main area and it has to look amazing. Look for pictures of fancy hotel halls on google and what not. Do hammer studies: try to replicate some hotel halls from pictures before you take on the actual project. Figure out how you’ll do the lighting too. After you’ve done a couple studies you can apply all that you’ve learned to your actual project.

You have a good idea but now you gotta lay out everything on the table and get shit organized and sorted out. This is the main problem with beginners: they’ve got very ambitious ideas but they can’t execute them properly because they didn’t spend the time doing the boring (but VERY important) shit (research, layout, planning, studies) before they took on the actual project.

If you keep working on this with your actual plan I’m almost sure the result is gonna be somewhat mediocre, especially compared to what you would achieve if you do all that I recommended you.

If you need help with this project, add me on Steam. I’m an experienced mapper who’ll be glad to help you take on this project. Look for #MenteR.

Did you make the textures in the room on the “room test” video?

This is exactly what I was thinking right now.

I’ll start from stratch and get some ideas together first. I’ll experiment with hammer a bit before moving to the actual thing. Sure I’ll need some help, but I have to create a plan first. I’ll contact you soon MenteR, I hope you are still up for it.

So by doing this I’ll probably release this map that I’ve been working on. I have some stuff that you guys didn’t see yet so it might be interesting for you to try it.

I just need to figure out custom textures and sounds to implement it with my map.

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No, all custom textures were found on the internet.

Just an idea, you could make it look like the thing from Dredd. So far it’s looking pretty good. When I get home I’ll look at it more