"Dead in his tracks." A Metrocop killing a zombie..


might retire from posing. eh…

i uploaded the unedited by accident before this one ^
silly me.

Nice everything


Thats a metrowizardcop, he levitates.

I know, thats not your fault, because physboxes are fat.

I like it. Posing looks real!

Why would you retire from posing?

I retired from posing, twice.
You’ll never get out.



rocks are part of the map
he IS holding the gun.

I think bokeh refers to the blur on the tiles and background.

so what? pick another angle.

doesn’t matter; it doesn’t LOOK like he is.

Aha. I don’t know why I find that so funny.

Also some people are left-handed so you might want to remove the “holding the gun on the wrong hand” bit. You couldn’t even try to encourage him or really point out how he can improve and not make those mistakes again. I can see why he would want to retire from posing with all the people who expect professional pictures out of everyone.

Oh and I almost forgot. The picture looks ok, however, you should look up some stuff on gun-posing and the stances used when firing a gun. The blood looks good. Keep trying and I say eventually you should remake this picture using whatever new things you learn.

Not all firearms are ambidextrous, champ. Believe it or not–the ejection port is on the right side of the gun; if he shot that rifle holding it with his left hand, he’d get a load of hot brass sent flying into his face.

I’m not here to be a walking tutorial, and I’m certainly not here to be anyone’s mother figure. If you aren’t resourceful enough to use Google, you probably can’t begin to comprehend any tips I would give.

Suddenly not changing the color balance to be unnaturally shitty (I’m looking at you, overly red midtones) and posing models to look like actual human beings is profesional. Shit, you must think three fourths of the pictures posted here are great, don’t you?

You are possibly the biggest waste of life I have ever come across, I hope you drown in your own feces. How in the hell are people going to get better if no one even gives them a little help. You sir are a selfish, arrogant, prick.


I love it. Ignore that asshole.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Jaanus))

All I did was criticize a screenshot. A little over-excitable, are we?

Why do people get offended when angry critiques. :frowning:


He’s probably most helpful to point out obvious mistakes.


And obvious doodoo.

  1. Ok I see what you mean here, I apologise.

  2. You could still try to at least give out some advice or something. I’m not asking you to give an inspirational speech, jeez.

  3. Sometimes new people post a picture and they just get bombed or no one even bothers to try to help out and they get scared off or not really inspired to keep trying. This doesn’t happen all the time though, however, it just seems like the experienced people expect instant awesome out of newer posers. Also, I think some of the screenshots done here are not too bad. The ones done by people like Chesty and stuff are great, yours wasn’t bad either. Some are just horrible because it is a troll or it is a new person who is trying to get into this stuff.

You didn’t just simply criticize a screenshot, you went overboard and picked at the tiniest little things. Posing does not have to be about super duper realism you know. Also I’m sorry, I was so rude at you back there. I was super pissed at someone and I overreacted when I saw your comment. I should not have taken it out on you. But anyway yeah, you could also encourage the creator though, instead of just pointing out all of the flaws or at least give him some tips.

You’re going overboard.
He simply gives the man an image of critique,
he accepts the image and will think forward from that day on
to not make the same mistakes that Angry was able to pick up.
And to think that what he pointed out is based upon realism. You eat doodoo.
I mean even if you think him saying the blood impact doesn’t match the gun doesn’t mean you have to
follow that little error, you can ignore it and not reply and satisfy yourself with luxurious soaps and conditioners.

Encouraging the creator is like me saying I have a vagina.
Angry doesn’t have a personality where he can encourage people to maintain there self esteem.
He does one thing and one thing only; tell you what is wrong with the picture.

I don’t like the blur nor the weird, green shit on the mask.

skin is like that. there is
nothing i can do ;C