Dead Island + Bonus TF2 Pics

Seen the Dead Island trailer yet? Well it’s nothing like this, everyone deserve’s a holiday:

Pyro’s ambush:

Throw that money down:

Hah, the last picture is funny Also, I cant tell the boomer is drowning XD

Wait. . . wheres the spy in the last picture?

Well maybe the Boomer’s having trouble, also last pic the Spy’s off getting a private dance from Scout’s mum.

Hah, awesome

I especially liked the TF2 pictures. Good work!

Haha, I like it. No mention on realistic, just for fun :smiley:

What are those girl models?

He’s probably disguised as one of the girls on the table.

There are six spies in that picture.

lol the first pic

They are two of the characters from Bloody Good Time.

The first one needs more zombies.

I did think of putting in the Smoker and Hunter but I just like the idea of the Tank and Witch going on holiday, the Boomer was just put in for shits and giggles.