Dead Island Models

There are Dead Island models request threads all over facepunch if you search it.

The answer is : There’s no way of porting those.

even 3d ripper dx doesn’t work with this game from my experience.

Worked fine for me.

It does, same for game assassin. I just don’t find any of the models interesting.

really when I try launching dead island with 3d ripper it launches and doesnt have the ready to rip overlay at all. cuase I was wanting some of of the special infected like the suicider.

Actually porting is possible, because the legendary cough mariokart64n has ported Xian Mei from Xbox360 version of Dead Island with his own MaxScript plugin for 3DS Max. ;D

The script is mainly made for porting models from Dead Rising 2, but it seems that it worked for DI too.


He promised to supply the model. Me and my modeler friend are waiting for the Xian’s source files, and as soon as we have those files we’ll start port her to GMod. :wink:

I ripped a lot of models from it using 3d ripped dx
(I dont have the files)

Furthermore, this guy on L4DMaps has rigged four Dead Island characters into high-quality L4D character model replacements, with fingerposing, eyeposing, and faceposing!

Check 'em out at the bottom of that page, looks like cool stuff. I managed to get a good Sgt. Stokes from FEAR 2 via his mods.

Problem solved, thread over, i guess :v:

Grab them here

Face and finger posing as all of Pajama’s L4D2 mods. Unpacked and made in to addons.