Dead London.

Dead London

The year 2011, July 17th, One week ago an unknown virus killed a man after 10 hours of infection. After 2 hours of said body was pronounced dead, reanimation occurred. By 2 days the whole city was enveloped in chaos. By the 4th day half the country had succumbed do the virus, no cure of vaccine had been found and the military was not successful in halting the progress of the virus. By the 7th day (current time) the country has entered an apocalyptic state. All remaining humans are left to fight for their lives. Assistance from other countries has reduced to one boat per week and the security is so strict and not to mention just getting to the boat is nearly impossible. You, the survivors, must get to this boat. There is 3 weeks until the trips stop and you are left stranded. Work together and progress steadily.

How the general gamemode/maps work
During the infection players must survive through each map. The first map will be in a city, each map will be the people gaining progress through the country. For example the first one could be in downtown, the 2nd on the outskirts of the city. Players must search for supplies and stick together. Each map will be a certain part of their journey and the survivors don’t have to walk further “to the next stage” they have to search for supplies and just try to stay alive.

The currency in this gamemode is “Supplies”. This ranges from food to clothing to metal plates. Players find these supplies by searching or “scavenging” for it. There will be no indication of what items are supplies and what aren’t. They will all be normal prop models like cans, drinks ect. They will be scattered around the map and respawn every 2 hours or so. This will add into a bar marked “supplies” and each time you find a supply item it will increase by 1. Supplies will be used to buy useful items and weapons at shop NPCs.

Weapons and Shop NPCs
Weapons are bought from shop NPCs found at spawning points. Along with useful items such as health kits, protective armour ECT. They are bought using supplies, the currency. Melee weapons will be the most available. Different firearms become avail and disappear from the store every 3 hours. Weapons should not be normal CSS models as they are much too used. I have compiled a list of models/skins we should use including what weapons we should have.
Melee weapons Price TBD
Glock 17 85 supplies Clip: 12 Ammo: pistol
USP HK1911 120 supplies Clip: 16 Ammo: pistol
Raging Bull (magnum) 250 supplies clip: 6 Ammo: 357
• **Beretta **140 supplies Clip: 16 Ammo: pistol
Winchester 280 supplies Clip: 2 Ammo: 357
SPAS-12 475 supplies Clip: 10 Ammo: buckshot
MAC-10 250 supplies Clip: 30 Ammo: SMG
Mini UZI 300 supplies Clip: 30 Ammo: SMG
AK-47 545 supplies Clip: 25 Ammo: rifle
HK UMP45 420 supplies Clip: 25 Ammo: SMG
FN SCAR 580 supplies Clip: 35 Ammo: rifle
M4A1 550 supplies Clip: 25 Ammo: rifle
M24 Tactical (sniper) 650 supplies Clip: 5 Ammo: 357
M249 (LMG) 850 supplies Clip: 75 Ammo: Rifle
Hands, rebel hands that are somewhere on FPSbanana which I can’t seem to find.
Maximum amount of pistol ammo able to be held (inventory), 30
Maximum amount of 357 ammo able to be held (inventory), 18
Maximum amount of Buckshot (shotgun) ammo able to be help (inventory), 20
Maximum amount of SMG ammo able to be held (inventory), 50
Maximum amount of rifle ammo able to be help (inventory), 40
Items such as med kits and the such will be available too.

There will be no HUD, health must be monitored from screen effects and ammo will be judged by the player with no indication of the player’s ammo. The only possible HUD will be from looking at your inventory and buying from a store NPC.
Players should be created through a character system in which they choose their name and models. Female models - Male models

Zombie Skins
The zombies will be average speed, nothing special, a normal jogging pace. They do however, exert huge amounts of force. 3-4 strikes with no healing and you’ll be either dead or crippled. They have relatively soft skin, and are easy to kill. Do not however get over-confident. They are relentless. They never tire. This is their greatest advantage. [/media]



**All suggestions are welcome!
I need experienced scripters to make this idea come to life and I need help with mapping too. Please ask about anything you need in this topic. >>>Scripters Really needed!<<<

So how would it fit together? Would it actually take 3 RL weeks to progress to the boat, or is it something along the lines of HL2 co-op where once enough people get to the end, the server progresses to the next level?

It would have map rotations every 2 hours of so, during these 2 hours players must try to survive and search for supplies to get better weapons ect.

So whats the goal in this gamemode?

This sounds like the sort of gamemode i would like to play, hope it happens =/

I’d play this, but I dislike your way of currency, just sounds a bit weird with 850 supplies for a gun, 850 pieces of bread or something?

Well the you gain the supplies by picking up food/drinks/useful stuff but It only counts as a variable when you pick it up, so it won’t stuff an inventory full of supplies.

Although the “thought” is weird :—3

It would be better, in my opinion, to have no form of “buying” weapons at all and no set currency but allow trade between players (for example, I’ll trade you 4 flashlight batteries for 1 pistol) and make it to players have to find high value items by searching further from the safe areas. That way, it seems more realistic and letting players decide the prices means you don’t have to worry about balancing weapons versus prices.

This I did think about but It’s exactly the same way of “trading” in a gamemode called necropolis rp.

Update: More weapons have been done but some have no reload sound (They do have it, but it isn’t working). Now testing weapons on a test map and if anyone knows a fix to the no reload sounds please PM me.

I can help with mapping, i’ve made some London themed maps in the past.

This looks the shit.

I was expecting some kinda WOTS remake. Dead London is the name of a segment of the War of the Worlds musical by Jeff Wayne. Good music.

Anyhow sounds cool. Now can people just run for the boats all alone?

Are boats meant to be the end of stage? Because if they are he said in his post that it isn’t going to work like that you’ve just gotta survive and there isn’t a goal to run to.

Oh and this sounds great. You’ll have to be careful though not to make it too generic, as this type (and I’m not trying to put you off) has been done before, but from the ideas you have it sounds like its going to be a lot better. Thumbs up!

Well in Left 4 Dead you aren’t supposed to run solo, but people do that anyways. I’m just asking what’s stopping players from doing that.

I like this, can be turned into a real awesome gamemode.

Btw, is this an RP gamemode or something else?

I would definitely play this

I can help you with scripting this gamemode, it sounds awesome, pm me with your steam.

So basically Killing Floor without the kickass taughts?


Shit this just gave me mapping inspiration…

No. The key isn’t to kill shitloads of mutant zombie-like things. It’s to not die from zombie things.