Dead Mercy - Bill finishes a Hunter

I think this is probably my best pose ever (Although It’s hard to tell from this angle)

Cheers to MasterFGH[sp]Or Master FAGEHT like I call him <3[/sp]for the edit, rate him too :v:

That looks bloody amazing

MasterFGH will be glad to hear that :smiley:

Nice work. Awesome muzzle flame. Perhaps a bit more emotion from Bill, anyway. Artistic given.

Nice picture. But I noticed Bill’s hand is clipping the handle

Is that muzzleflash hand-made, like, painted?

Great edit. Pose is good too.

It is, I tried to make the picture look somewhat like a painting by handpainting the lighting and using some other tricks :0

<3 u 2

Jesus Mary and Joseph - this is sexy! :smiley:

As I said in the “Edit My SS thread” this picture is fucking awesome.
That hand painting tecnique looks amazing!

It really looks like what you’d see on the cover for a game you’d see in a mall or something

The lighting is absolutely amazing.

Well, It’s kind of a bad angle for a game cover lol

This is just awesome. Good editing, shadows and muzzleflash.

Good god… I come back to facepunch after 2 days and this is what I see… My friend… This is excellence in its raw form.
Reminds me of “Get off my lawn…”

Yeah, I was thinking about that actually, reminds me of that too.

Holy shit, the lighting made me drool.