Dead Moment. Part. 1 : an Assistant.

Well I was thinking to starting new comic series, it tells about how me, Karimatrix and other Facepunchers are spending our time. This comic contains personal skins and I hope you guys won’t have a problem with that.

Okay, now to the comic:

C&C are welcome.

Sorry, for my bad grammar. And it was “for fun” made comic.

Victory! I’m invincible.


I give you a face.

Thank you.

I…i don’t get it.

But your avatar is from meshuggah’s bleed, and i love meshuggah.

And pancakes.

I know. And in my opion, it’s great band.

I like this comic.I expect more comics!

This should continue. Also was that “I’m Invincible!” a reference to Monty Python?

Oh, weren’t you the dude who had the weird shadow dude with the model, so you used it like some sort of alter ego that followed your personal skin?

“Jason278 got his account hacked? Well that interesting”


Well I smiled. I really think his servant should set himself higher goals.

No it wasn’t. I havent even watch’d it.


Yep, that’s me.