Dead Moment - The Amazing Gobo

Short one this time.

You should’ve seen it coming, Gobo.

why do i think of that prince in shrek? :v:

Holy shit, he actually looks like him.

I hope you aren’t offended, but I saw the first frame and couldn’t help myself haha.

I’m not, but Gobo is not amused.

But… but I AM awesome…
That and it’s not a skirt, that’s just the extension of the jacket.
But if it’s more manly to be scottish in a given moment,
then damnit, I’m scottish.

The Gobo kind of looks like Chris O’Donnell

What happened to the whole perskin stuff in perskin thread only?

Surely you jest? Petfe has been making dead moment comics for ages.

Yea, all of his Dead Moment shit’s always been out of the thread.