Dead of rust ?


I don’t think i’m good at English, but, how can you sell 20k+ keys for your game, and still with MAX 100 players connected at the same time on all servers ? o_o.

It’s unbeliveable, i don’t know how you can lost some players.

EDIT : The real question is : How can you sell 20.000 keys, and have only 100 players at the same time on Rust ?

You’re right, I don’t think your English is very good either, otherwise I’d have some clue as to what you’re talking about.

Have a translation then I guess:

Basically he’s asking why there’s 20,000 copies of the game sold but only 100-something people playing.

actually yeah, i wonder that too, thats quite a lot of keys and you really only see like 3-4 servers above 50 and all the rest really low pop

Of course, it’s really too low for 20k + keys, some players leave or never downloaded the game ?

… or their parents didn´t let them play (?)

Well maybe with the update people will feel like playing again… i know im looking forward to playing but i wont if they didnt fix the dupe

Well, the reason is dupers. People join a server make a base log off and there base is raided. People get c4 like it’s nothing because duping.

My and my buddies will play again when the update comes out. The thing that killed it for the last patch or 2 was the duping, that shit was crazy.

I’d imagine a lot are like me, not wanting to put a ton of time into the game and get burned out before all the content is there and it really takes shape. I know I play a weekend here and there, but otherwise keep it pretty spaced out. It’s how I do all my early access stuff.

Exactly, between that and the no clip bug.

I putted a lot of my free time on a Rust server, then, administrators of this server said “hello, we wipe because you make a too high building”, and now, this server is wipe, 80 hours of farm/craft/raid for nothing, thanks private servers, when we can have a “Official servers” section ?

It was not only the duping.
It is an early alpha version, means: Not the final content, not the final graphics last but not least: Not the final GAME!

Many of my friends got tired to play this version (Endgame reached after 2-3 days, after this there is only PvP left) and as soon as there is the update, they will play it again to see the changes.

So don’t complain about “left player”,stop expecting a final version of Rust and first of all:

Stop Cry!

Greets :eng101:

  1. Because of the dupe bug
  2. Because the game is 95% kill on sight players which is a niche audience and chases all the general players away.
  3. Because no new keys are being sold and this clearly illustrates the terrible player retention problem currently…

I hope the devs are taking note… give people a reason not to kill every player they come across, make this game attractive to more than just the random player killers such as myself. My server was full for a week, then the wolves chased the sheep away and population plummeted.

My thoughts exactly, sir. You read my mind.