Dead or Alive 5 Ayane Ragdolls Release

The front hair rigging cancled because I’m lazy. xP

Google Drive (Nude Models Include)

Model - Ayane

Addon Type - Ragdoll

Original Model Port - IFFY
Re Rigging - IFFY
Ragdolling - IFFY
Models, Textures - Team Ninja, Tecmo

Model List



  • Face, eyes, finger posable
  • sweat skin
  • Few models has unique Bodygroups each models.

Sorry about my bad english. :slight_smile:


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Looks good, Tina/Helena next?

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Meh fuck you, I’m having fun.

You’re on a roll man.

According to his steam profile, he’s going to re-do his Honoka model he did before next.

Ayyy, these are some real good stuffs.

Edit: also I’m looking forward for Nyotengu.

It looks great.
This model works in SFM?
In advance: waiting for the release of more models from the Dead or Alive Last Round.

You have to decompile it first and edit the .qc to fix it’s eyeposing capability for SFM, also it uses gmod’s 8x MSAA for her hair material, so I still don’t have any idea how to keep the hair’s quality intact on SFM (previously tested on Hitomi,

In 3dsmax, what you do is detach the hair as a cloned element, apply a new material to it (call this the “alpha” material), and then flip its normals. I don’t know the equivalent process for Blender.

Then, you have the original material use $translucent, and the “alpha” material use $alphatest and $nocull.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Oh, neat.

Can i open this model in 3Dmax?

Yes, if you decompile them. :slight_smile:

Decompile? How come? I am a noob in this.

Try use this decompiler.

I did decompile. Appeared a folder decompiler. How i must to do now?

Nice, thanks!