Dead or Alive 5 Models?

I kept thinking to myself before DOA5’s release that there should be Dead or Alive 5 models in GMOD.
Eliot is absolutely my favorite character, and has since 4, but I lack the knowledge to rig the files from DOA5.
I’ve attempted to color Eliot using perskins, but unfortunately, they look like he puked or something with the lips, and the noses are always atrocious.

  • Someone has already rigged them for preparation of XNALara, but I can’t find the user on deviantART. :

If anyone can do that or link me to the files if it’s already been done, it would be AWESOME! Thanks. :smiley:

Guess it’s not gonna happen then. :c
Ah well. I guess I’ll just download XNALara.

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball would be a better game to import models from…

However, they just don’t have the enhanced graphics that Dead or Alive 5 has.
A friend of mine can only port them to XNALara but they’re only WIPs.
He’s got almost all the female models.
Unfortunately, he said he doesn’t know how to port them to GMOD.

I can post all DOA5 models in .obj files including game files. Anybody want?

Oh gosh, really?
That would be awesome! Thanks!
I must draw you a picture now because you’re awesome! c:

Though I’ve checked through the tutorials on how to port them and it all seems like a foreign language to me. It’d be model murder if I even tried to add a faceposer on them.

Yes. Please.

Well, this thread can be locked now. Thank you Kamillo for the models. You’re awesome! :J

Where were they posted? I don’t see them…

I dont see them…

It was probably a PM. Jesus fucking christ.

Actually, no. The post is still there; he just gave the models by PM.
He’s not giving them anymore, though.

Don’t know what is up, but it’s very upsetting.
Here’s the thread:

I need themmmm OTL

Could you help me get if you got them please?

Just a quick thought, you could look for the rar copy, they’re easy to find on your lop top, you just need to do is go to your computer and type the name of the file and then link em please. I’m sorry to ask this but I really need those models and I’ll make you a video if you do please.