Dead or Alive 5 Models

Taken down.

Thank you. Have you checked the smoothing groups? Could use some adjustments.

Hopefully someone would rig Ayane and Kasumi (and others) to Gmod.

Soon I can have scanley clad females fighting to the death while beating the shit out of each other while their tits fly all over the place.

I like this.

rev up those sex poses

joqqy - Omg I totally forgot smooth Kasumi models!

Ayane coming!

Glad someone is uploading them Personally I’m afraid of team ninjas wrath.
Wish the animated normals would have gotten a fix though.

Gotta get that Ryu Hayabusa and Hayate in ninja gear.

Done, and uploading now xd
I mean only Hayate on this moment xD

I remember that something happend the last time I saw something from Team Ninjas creations
a few years ago to Gmod, could someone please refresh my memory about what exacly happend?

Seriously, is it really sharply about models? Because I got many messages about that.

I should take down models o.O?

I haven’t heard anything in regards to that issue, I’ve seen DoA models in Gmod before and there wasn’t an issue over it.

under the radar, they’ve been on for years, even Xnalara has a few…
but are there really people who havent heard of the cases dished out by team ninja in the past?
currently there is a whole new team working there, so I guess we wont know if they truly care yet or not.

I think the issue was modding the game itself back then. There was some sites that was dedicated in modding DOA, got closed by the older Team, and fined for each stuff that was modded for their game.

As plasmid said, probably not an real issue now, new team. Plus DOA on gmod, has been around since 05 or 06.

That’s why my ported models are “PM” now. I asked about DOA modds to king DOA games.

There’s really no reason for that, nothing is gonna happen, I can guarantee 100%. There are plenty of DoA ports all over the internet and no one has done anything.

Nice release. :slight_smile:

The 100 post thing is a bit much… I know plenty of people on this forum have proved that posts doesnt mean skill.
for example you have 19 posts and were able to get the models in the first place correct?

I honestly doubt anything will happen as long as you don’t stand to manipulate / change the video game and or turn a profit from it all.
If at all possible, would it be alright for a PM to some Mila models? I’d really like them for references for my own 3D meshes.

If places like Xentax still exist, it should be all good :slight_smile:

Why don’t you all just go on Xentax and get the extractor for yourselves.