Dead or Alive models won't close eyes with Face Poser in Garry's Mod

I need help with what I consider to be rather important: how does one get those models from “Dead of Alive” to close their eyes?
No matter what number I put on the face poser for any of those gals, they won’t shut. Instead the eyelids go in a pattern from wide, normal, narrow, normal and back to wide. But the eyes never close. As shown here:
I plan on using some of these models in future videos, but they’ll look ridiculous should I try to make them show as if they’re sleeping or even try to blink. I was told by a Steam friend who helps with making DoA reskins for Steam Workshop that they use the same kind of flexes as the old Citizen models used and could only close their eyes if “unenhanced”, but I simply don’t understand that. He said to use the program Crowbar to decompile the files, which I did as shown here:
That didn’t solve the problem. Unfortunately, that’s as far as my friend could tell me, as he didn’t know what else to do next. This has started to get frustrating for me, but I must get this problem fixed. Is there anyone here that can help me?

Models on the FACS flexes (the default flex set used by hl2 models) have issues in GMod, primarily with the eyes. Try them in hlmv. The issue may not be the models.

“thw”? “hlmv”? What are those? I need to use them in gmod, and was hoping that Crowbar program (or something…anything, really) to help me out…

Half Life Model Viewer. Well, for what I have planned, it must be gmod; I’m a gmodder and don’t use SFM. Sorry to all those who do use SFM.

Quite a few models have this problem, I first noticed it around the time that Gmod updated to Version 13. They used to work fine before that.

You can’t close the eyes of the regular Half Life 2 models, for instance.

Yeah, that’s exactly what I meant. According to Kilburn this has already been fixed. I just tested it and he’s right – you can use the dev branch for posing for the time being or wait for the next GMod update. That should fix it.

“dev branch”? What’s that? And who’s Kilburn? You think he could help me?

Kilburn is one of the two(?) people who currently work on Garry’s Mod updates while Garry himself has moved on to his other projects and ideas. I don’t think he needs to help you though, the update is already there, it’s just not in the live build yet. The dev branch is the development branch. Updates and such are built on a separate build of Garry’s Mod so players aren’t bothered from all the miniscule updates and changes constantly. The update exists on the dev branch which means you can right click on Garry’s Mod, click properties, click the beta tab, and then swap from ‘none’ to the dev branch. You’ll need to swap back before joining most servers though since you’ll be using a different version of Garry’s Mod. Alternatively you could just wait until the next Garry’s Mod update is pushed to live.

That development branch version seems to have worked, even though it won’t let me start new games. But since I can make new games with the current version, then load them in dev branch mode, I’m okay with it. Thanks a bunch, Captain!