Dead or Alive models/ WWE smackdown vs raw request

Hello there, I’ve seen alot of dead or alive models/ragdolls around, some I have and some I don’t. I have the pack with the Ayane and Kasumi models, I remember seeing lei-fang not nude, also one with a blue top, long hair and jeans and a glitchy Tina Armstrong from DOAU.
If there are any other models or ragdolls may you please give me the links.
Also I would like to request some wrestlers of wwe smackdown vs raw 06, 07 and 08 if possable, it’ll be tricky and I don’t think you can but if someone knows better than I do, it could happen.

Thank you very much in advance, NiTramZ11 !

Bump, I’m looking for a Hitomi model, I remember seeing some pics with her, anyone know where I can get it?

Wanted to mess around in GMOD with my sweet sweet Hitomi :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t forget the rest of the DOA girls, such as Christie, Kokoro, etc…

you guys are dumb
they already have them on garrysmod . org

Thats got lei fang in the blue top and jeans, Hitomi in blue jeans and yellow top and kasumi’s bluey dragony ninja suit thing.

Great to pose with, anyone know where you can get the rest? All i know of are the ones with kasumi and ayane in bikini’s and 1 of Ryu. (and the one i posted just now). Anyone know where i can find Tina or Leon or Kokoro or anyone?

there’s a DOA pack with kasumi and ayane and hayabusa on,

Hl2 got kasumi models?

check Mario request corner for Hitomi i know she’s there i got her in Gmod.

The link doesn’t work anymore, do you know if you can maybe upload it to mediafire or megaupload?


i need Hitomi toooo plz reuploadd!!


don’t bump old threads just pm the guy about the link

My apologies, will do