Dead player entity

Hi, I want to make it so that when a player dies, their dead body becomes a permanent ragdoll( until using ENT:Remove() ), and when someone presses the use key, then a derma menu pops up. Can I just have a template to see how to do that? I have no experience coding entities and had failures following gmod wiki.

Hooking to DoPlayerDeath, when they die create a prop_physics with their model at their position. Then hooking to PlayerUse, you can check to see if they’re pressing e on a prop_physics. Maybe give the entity a variable to make sure that it’s a player prop they’re pressing e on.

So basically:

On DoPlayerDeath: Spawn Ragdoll
Do something like: ragdoll.Player = true
On PlayerUse: Check if they’re using a prop_physics and if it has a variable named Player in it’s metatable.
Then send them a usermessage to open a derma.

I think I’m saying this sort of confusing but this is what I would do.