Dead rebel in the rain. ( test may be crappy. )

well its just a small test of posing rain and blood. i may be starting to get more detailed or i may not be. just tell me how i can improve and i will do my best to try and fix that in my future pictures.

Dont use the noise rain in the foreground. Use brushes.

you suggest any good ones? a link would be nice.

There is way too much rain there, and I can see in some parts the rain actually curves.

And the bullet holes are massive compared the the wound

why the hell is the rain curving

yea i know i ment to make the wound bigger and im still learning to do bullet holes in photoshop.


tried to make a wind effect.

Lower the opacity man this isn’t hail D:

Will do.

thanks i was looking for that. got one for fire or bullet holes?

The blood on the wound is a little too bright, and you should lower the rain opacity, like Ehanced_AI said. Otherwise it’s damn good.