Dead Reckoning

C&C is welcome.

What happened to Louis’ foot?

He broke/hurt it (hence Zoey helping him).

Zoeys pose looks painfull.

Good. They’re both in pain, and limbing/struggling. I wanted to add blood- but best to stay away from something I’m not good with as of yet (in photoshop). Thanks for the reply, anywho.

No, painfull like her spine was broken. I mean look at her chest!

I just attempted it in real-life and it’s perfectly possible. I’ll keep it in my mind for future pictures thou, (making Zoey look less painful) :slight_smile: Thanks, again.

So you broke your own legs and your friends legs and you tried walking?

Good friend you are.

Uh, no, sorry if what I said didn’t make sense. I meant I did Zoey’s pose alone, and established that it’s perfectly possible. Zoey’s legs are perfectly fine, too.

Lol, I just rated myself.

“Hey Zoey, can I lean on you”

“No Louis wa-!”


“Ah that’s better. Thanks, Zo.”

I’m sure if you were carrying someone twice your size you wouldn’t go into a fucked up pose and break your ribs.

Talk about lazy poser.