Dead remains - zombie survival gamemode... now with less RDM

“Dead remains is an immersive zombie survival game mode that simulates life after the apocalypse”

Group together to fight the undead. Although chances of survival are much higher in a team, you’ll soon find out zombies aren’t the only threat in this game. When resources become scarce, and water more valuable than weapons… some towns might not be big enough for the both of you!

Players spawn with a random set of balanced skills. Combine your skills carefully with other players to craft weapons, food and fortify shelter. Crafting most weapons will require multiple characters with particular skill sets and combined resources. Combine your team’s skills to craft weapons, food and fortify shelter.

There’s nothing threatening about a zombie that just hits you, but when every scratch and bite brings you closer to the infection, you might want to think twice before sucker punching one of them in the head.

Trading with other groups might just keep you alive. Everything has a price in this game. Clean drinking water could be of more value that a bullet when you’re dying of dehydration. The Internet is a distant memory, but who said information wasn’t of any value? Teams share information automatically when in close proximity. Though whether you chose to share the locations of loot spawn points with other groups is up to you… Always ask yourself, what’s it worth?
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Perhaps one of the things taken for granted in modern, 1st world society. Clean drinking water could be of more value that a bullet when you’re dying of dehydration.

Some UI concept:[/t]





Bigger picture:

  • Experienced coder & dedicated UI designer.
  • Experience with handling gamemodes and community handling.
  • Extensive Trello documentation
  • Private Github repo
  • Plans to build an awesome team that will continue developing other gamemodes other than Dead Remains, hopefully which starts a community we can all enjoy.
  • Our plan is to make unique gamemodes that the community can enjoy, instead of the old and overdones (DarkRP, TTT, BHop (which are usually done very badly))

Feedback is appreciated both good and bad!

The UI is absolutely gorgeous and whoever came up with it is very talented, but I refuse to get too suckered in until I see it actually functional and working in-game, which I advise others to do :v:

I fall in love with the UI <3

Holy shit that UI

This looks awesome!

It says UI concept so I assume it has been done is PS, no?

Also, it says the exact same thing in all the chat areas.

Those UI concepts make me want to create an inventory that looks like that

Its so damn sexy

It is concept only, work has started on the welcome screen. (not shown on the UI concepts, too basic)

Only barebones backend is done now, but this is not your casual WIP gamemode - both me and the designer are dedicated.

I like that UI

Yeah, seriously. I’d love to help but not in the GUI field. I’m not capable of that level of awesomeness D:

Will this be using a custom map?
If so, it had better take up the entire hammer grid.
You’re going to be needing some major fog, son.

This looks absolutely amazing, huge props to you for keeping innovational gamemodes alive.

That UI though. It’s looks amazing. I want to run this gamemode :smiley:

Like others, I want to see it running, either video or test server. I’ll wait but it looks great! What’s the intention for it? Personal Server? Release it? (please if release no scriptfodder, I’d gladly donate but these days any large scale gamemode is only on scriptfodder.)

How’d you get the icons to be see-through on the tabs? Are they using stencils?

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Or wait no, that could simply be an image, nvm. Wait it’s a concept, not coded yet.

Oh my, that is marvelous.

I would definitely play this, if not solely to stare at the UI.

We’re going to test with gm_fork: Ticks all the right boxes for me.

Its a shame it wont be open source

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