Dead Ringer Addon

There was an addon here for the dead ringer in tf2 and it worked really well but hasn’t been updated for gmod 13. Is there any other addons or could someone take up to try and update it?

Aint that easy pal. Its only one addon too. You’ll understand when you’re older.

I was so confused by this post that I actually fixed it. Here you go:

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If you want, you can talk to the original owner and get him to upload the fixed version to the workshop. I only had to change like three lines of code. Pretty sure that this is the guy:

Nice! To install it would I just drop the ‘dead_ringer’ folder in my addons folder?


**It’s not working for me I put it in the addons folder as seen below **

But when I play singleplayer its not there in the weapons tab unless its in a different tab

Have you tried Team Fortress 2 Unlockables? :v:

Also, did you add an addon.txt to the folder?

The tf2 unlockables are a separate addon but yes I checked
Yes there is an addon.txt

And this is what it looks like

Sorry about that, it wasn’t set to spawnable. With the one I sent you needed to give it to the player some other way, like with the console command “give weapon_dead_ringer”

Here’s a spawnable version that is admin only:

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or if you don’t want to download then it’s trivial to change the values yourself. Just open dead_ringer\lua\weapons\weapon_dead_ringer\shared.lua in a text editor and change the values of SWEP.Spawnable and SWEP.AdminOnly to the desired values.

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also ignore the space after the period in “shared.lua” I guess facepunch forces a space after periods because people don’t know how to write.

Now it works thanks!

Edit: Its removed

nooo, thats bad, they fixed it for you, let them upload it if they want, infact, even they shouldn’t upload it. It isn’t their code, they merely fixed it a little.

Why’d you do that? Just should of let him do it.

I was thinking for about 20 minutes about insult that won’t be too rude so I won’t get banned. I didn’t find any.

Please take it down from the workshop. I’m definitely not going to upload it since the original uploader is still active and has uploaded some other stuff to workshop; I didn’t even have to put much effort into fixing it.

Like I said in my first post, if you want it on the workshop than contact the original creater and get him to upload it. I’m 99% sure this is the guy who made it:

Well sorry guys. Its removed now. I’ll try to contact necrossin but for the meantime whoever wants to use it will have to use the legacy addon
Also you may insult me now :suicide: