Dead Ringer Swep



**Video: **

Note: This SWEP uses models, textures and sounds from TF2. So be sure that you have it if you dont want to see “ERROR” instead of swep model, missing textures and etc…



:siren: **Changes: **:siren:

*Added new HUD
*Removed all useless timers
*Added DeathNotice imitation
*Fixed a lot of errors
*Alt-attack while being cloaked will decloak you instantly (you can use it with any weapon)
*After recharging it will be turned on again


:siren:CREDITS: :siren:
VALVe - models and sounds, of course.
CapsAdmin - Dead Ringer “worldmodel” entity (because, i’ve used “pacpart” entity from his “Hat Maker” addon, so all credits for this entity to him)
NECROSSIN - main SWEP coding.

Have a fun!

Looks very nice man

what does it do?

You haven’t played Team Fortress 2?


It cloaks you and drops a fake corpse when you receive damage.

This + Butterfly knife…


Shorten: They think you’re dead when you arent.

Someone should make a tf2 gamemode…scratch that, a vip game mode.

I believe a TF2 one is being made and there are several VIP gamemodes.

Ive nevered heard of invisibility against npc’s…
Now i just need a cloak and dagger and regular cloak…

Cloak and dagger, yes. Regular cloak, no.
Reason being that unless they bothered to make the ammo sents, the regular cloak’d be kinda useless compared to the C&D


Oh, and AWESOME swep dude, this is fucking godly.

How do you make it so NPCs ignore you when you use it?

Some work with relationship’s code:

npc:AddEntityRelationship(self,D_NU,99) and npc:AddEntityRelationship(self,D_HT,99)

Nice job

I love you, OP

Oh right, I tried using notarget executing, but it always gives me an error with cheating.
Nice job!
Now could you pwease try a Cloak And Dagger?

Stupid rating error D:

Wow. Looks really nice! Awsome idea man. Wish I could lua.

I love the weapon but i have some problem:
-In first person i have a ERROR.
-No sound went you become visible.
-ERROR in third person.

(I know i don’t have TF2)

This weapon uses the view and world model (and sounds) from tf2,so if you do not have it you will obviously see errors.

So how i can fix all of my problem?
(I can’t buy TF2)

Any news on a Cloak And Dagger, or are you not going to do that?