Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Models


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This was NOT ported from the Xbox 360 version of the game, so this isn’t illegal, if you may think that. The PC version contained leftover files from Case Zero and these models were found and ported in the PC files.

This V1 Pack includes: Chuck’s Truck, and the Makeshift Bike.

I was using these for a mapping project at the time and the models were for private use. However, since the project is appearing that it won’t get off the ground, I’m releasing them to the public.

Place the DR2CaseZeroModels folder inside the download in your addons folder.


Blue Castle Games - Original Models

Jason278 - Porting them

Me - Fixing the physics truck model, releasing them

Okay, making a V2 with all of the Bike Parts, the ambulance, and anything else besides characters. Can’t do those.

i like it
good job

Haha, nice bump. Look at my profile on and you’ll find v2.