Dead Rising 2- Chuck Greene

I just want the jacket, face or hair is optional. I’m thinking a citizen reskin.


You can´t do his jacket without Niko´s albanian jacket being ported. Its the only requirement since nothing fits that jacket, just Albanian coat from Niko

Also be nice and say please next time

Try waiting for the game to come out.

Well it took about 4 years for Frank West to be ported, and it was from the Wii version.

DR 2 is coming out on PC too. Don’t worry homies.

Sorry. I’m new here so i don’t exactly know how this works. But yea…nvmind as it seems that you guys either don’t want/have no will to port it.

i think you must wait the game is released to pc give the time to the modders to finish the game two time…and the time to export the model and convert in smd and then in mdl

Looks to me like you have no idea what “porting” means.

You can’t take models out of a game you don’t have. Because you haven’t bought it, because it hasn’t been released.

If you’re actually requesting for someone to model it, you can pretty much forget it.

While you’re at it, I want Chuck Greene in a dress.

and in kid clothes.

and in other wacky clothing.

and dont forget to throw a hundred bucks in my way I accept all payment methods plus add pedo bear in there cause hes cool