Dead Rising 2 model ports. wanting prop requests

I’m currently porting a bunch of stuff from dead rising 2, is there anything specific you guys would like ported?

No ragdolls though. They are a huge pain in the neck to port at the moment.

What i have so far:

Amazing work so far. If I could make one request, could you please port the TIR motorcycles with the saws on them?

Now that there is pure awesome.

I want just the knife gloves.

I would love the concrete saw.

Is it possible to port the maps? They are all shoved into the .big files like everything else.

For a model though, I would like to request the Vehicles (Chopper, SUV, Sports Car) and that stuff.

Also, yeah, the ragdolls are a bitch. they use their own bone bipeds (Or whatever the hell it is) so it’s damn near impossible to port them, let alone make an NPC out of them.

Would it also be possible to extract the sound effects like the alarm in the TIR backstage?

Probably not. They’re models sure, but the lighting will be severely fucked if you try and use them in a map.

Not really true. I use the existing rigging on Bioware’s models when I port and it has worked fine so far.

That’s true, because you’d need to rig the models to the Valve Biped.


and I’m not sure source can handle rendering so many vertices on screen at the same time

I doubt source can even support half of DR2’s level size, along with the fact Source has no procedural model culling.

So where’s the tricycle.

Holy fucking shit

You’re ripping the models though, aren’t you? Of course ragdolls will be (more of) a bitch. You should wait for the porting tools to be finished so you can get them in t-pose.

and I’m not sure source can handle rendering so many vertices on screen at the same time

The lighting would be severely fucked

Two more examples of why Source is an aging and outdated engine (Still a good one though)

Spiked baseball bat.
Do it. :buddy:

Yep, i’d rarther wait to get them already t-posed and skinned properly.

As it’s relevant, I’ll post this here

Be sure to turn those into props :eng101:


I know it says ‘Props’, but I’ll save a bunch of people the time and effort and say one word: Rebecca.

But the Flamethrower and Hail Marry would be kewl =3

Robot Bear and Freedom Bear a must.

Randy’s big chainsaw.