Dead rising 2 Models

YO! just wondering if someone could got time or just want… to port these models?
if it goes thus…
THanks anyway if so…
i have played the game some hours… and I LOVE THE CHARACTERS!
“here is what i thinking of”

Raymond Sullivan
Katey Greene
Rebecca chang

this is what i really want… but you can choose more if you want :slight_smile:
have a nice day
and thanks

I support this.

The ragdolls are in progress from what i’ve heard, but i also heard they are extremely out of whack and will take a while just to get it rigged to the Valve Skeleton.

hm ok

this could be interesting.

This sounds like cp posing to me, as he didnt even want Chuck.

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I dunno, that thought just forces onto me.

I like chuck but someone have already make him… so why should i ask for him?

He already done.

exactly man

I second this. The game has some awesome characters that need to be in gmod.

I support this

I support but i like to see Zombie Tk too

yeah i love the characters detail and stuff

Who would be the most wanted then?

Rebecca Chang, probably.

And Katey for more Dead Rising 2 themed poses, and because there aren’t much child models in the first place.

katey and chang… i like them most :slight_smile:

We need those 2 bitches.

one is 4 years old…D: you Are a Pedophile!